Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Welcome to the SSMBY Blog

Hello all,

So here's the deal. I just invested/wasted time making this blog. Honestly the better half of a day, but I "learned" some html in the process...what's the deal, I'm pushing 30 I shouldn't be learning computer languages...I still know how to speak comodore 64*.

Anyways, I did this so that I can post the ongoings of youth. Also, I did it so that you guys can comment on youth. For example, I'll post our calandar on here...a helpful tool for you all I'm certain. But, I'll also post what the coming Friday's event is...and THEN you can all comment on that event afterwards. Say what you liked, and what you'd want to see different if we did it again, that sort of thing. So this is not only a information giving area, it is also a feedback recieving area.

I'll probably also give posting access to the other adult youth leaders...and they can post whatever they deem postworthy. I myself, for example may write blurbs from time to time and I'd love to get your comments. I'm not sure what this space will all become, I guess as the songstress Sarah McLaughlin says, "Only time will tell".

So...start here...tell me what you think of this. Give suggestions!

Pastor Tom out...

*Comodore 64 Language:

Load "*",8,1



Anonymous said...

hi! this blog is awesome! whoever made it must be the coolest guy EVER!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could empower the student leader types with some postage power as well?

Pastor Tom said...

Well anyone can comment on anything they'd like and if anyone has something they'd like me to put up, just email!

Otherwise, get your own blog...and get your own simonized pressure washer too, from canadian tire!

Sparky said...

Sweet Blog. I quite like it and it saves me from having to check my email all the time. Also sorry i have not been attending youth lately i have been very tied up with my sports life. so ill try to get out more often. anyways great blog

Pastor Tom said...

Yay, sparky posted! Plus you called yourself sparky!!!

Thanks for the props! I sure hope you'll be out soon...I been missing you! Maybe you need to quit sports :)

Sparky said...

Hey everyone just thought i would leave a comment about the rowing regatta i went to in silverlake this saturday. Eden had 5 boats and we took 3 golds and 2 silvers home aswell as a Effiency trophy. i personally got one of the golds which i am very happy about. you can see the team photo at it was really cool so ya thats all.