Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Awesome Time/Bible Study

MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS!!! Awesome Time is going to be SCOTT ST. MB CHURCH (339 Scott St.) tonight. We'll meet there at 7 pm. Instead of our usual Bible study we're going to be assembling the Christmas stockings for The Deck...the ones that we've been collecting money for. We're also going to assemble the Christmas Eve goody bags for Scott St. and Josh Harder is going to be joining us to share about his time on Outtatown this past semester. Wow! So much great stuff packed into one night! I know that a lot of you will be at Eden's Christmas banquet, but everyone else, please come tonight! It's assembling all of our stuff is going to be lots of fun, but it'll be more fun if we have a lot of people to help with it. See you tonight!

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