Thursday, January 16, 2014

2nd Annual Foosball Tournament

*insert inspirational music here*

That's right, tomorrow is our second annual foosball tournament! NEMBY, this is the event we have ALL been waiting for, the event that we talk about every single Friday until it happens again next year! Yes, I cannot describe how we all feel about foosball, the feelings are too strong, but in all my years I have never seen a game played with so much heart, and so beloved by everyone of us.

Bring your team of two, this Friday, to Fairview at 7pm. The night to end all nights is tomorrow, come and have fun, come to get your name on the cup!

disclaimer: Don't worry if you don't have a partner or even if you're not very good.  This is all just good fun.  There will be lots of people without partners yet so we can make teams up when we get there.

See you tomorrow!


Steffy said...

It takes a lot of practice to master foosball.

Anonymous said...

Are there still foosball tourney's going on?

neha said...

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