Wednesday, February 19, 2014



Here’s the IMPORTANT INFO you need to know for youth on Friday:
What: Oklahoma! (Laura Secord’s musical)
Where: Laura Secord Secondary School
When: Friday at 6:30 pm
Other info:
  • Bring $12 to cover your ticket cost (exact change is preferable because I will not have a bunch of change to break twenty dollar bills)
  •  PLEASE BE ON TIME…the show will likely be sold out (and therefore PACKED) so we need to be there early in order to get good seats and because handing out the tickets & collecting money will take some time.
  • Finally IF YOU DID NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT GETTING A TICKET THEN I DO NOT HAVE A TICKET FOR YOU.  I only bought tickets for the people who asked me to buy them a ticket.
See you on Friday!  And Joel, Janelle, and Quinn, break a leg (not really but you know what I mean).  We’ll be cheering loudly!

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