Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Christmas & New Years Potluck!!!


This Friday is our Christmas & New Years Potluck!!!  Sure, the holidays might be over already, but at NEMBY we like to extend the holiday goodness to point of being kind of painful :)

We'll meet at Scott St MB Church at 7pm and MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT EAT SUPPER AT HOME, but instead bring a dish to share with everyone!  TALK TO YOUR PARENTS IMMEDIATELY if you haven't yet done so to let them know about the potluck...I don't want any stressed out parents because you waited until Friday to tell them!

Other components of the night will be some fun Christmas games, perhaps a reading of a classic Christmas tale, a $5 gift exchange.  Think festive and fun and cozy!

Just to be clear on what you need to bring:
1. A dish to share for the potluck...and an appetite!
2. A $5 gift for the gift exchange
3. Christmas cheer :) (this can even be in the form of a festive holiday sweater...just saying)

See you Friday!!!

Also, on January 16 we will be attending an Ice Dogs game.  The tickets are $15 and include a free-skate at The Meridian Centre prior to the game...great deal!  The skate is from 5-6pm and the game starts at 7pm.  If you would like to join us then email me (Sabrina) at sabrina@nemby.ca no later than this Friday (January 9).

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