Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Youth Bible Study


This is it!  It's Tuesday and we're FINALLY starting up our Tuesday Youth Bible Study!  7pm at Scott St.  This is a great time where we share our lives in a more personal way, study God's word together, figure out who God is and what it means for us to follow Him, and pray together!  Some of you are regular attenders of Tuesday youth but there are a lot of people who have never come out for this.  I definitely encourage you to come and give it a shot!  This is a time for us to get real about life and what it's all about!  It doesn't matter where you're at in your understanding of God and faith and life...what matters is that you're interested in trying to figure it out!

We're starting off with this video series by David Platt.  I hope to see you tonight! 7pm at Scott St.


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