Thursday, December 04, 2014

Girl/Guy Night


I'm back from my vacation and can't wait to see you all...although that'll have to wait until next week because this week is our Girl/Guy night!!!  MAKE SURE YOU READ BELOW FOR THE INFO PERTAINING TO YOU!

You will be meeting at Scott St MB Church (339 Scott St) at 7pm for a night of being manly/doing stuff that you guys will enjoy doing :)  Bring your running shoes (make sure to wear shoes that DO NOT make scuff marks on the floor). There will be sports, there will be food, there will be video gaming, and there will a lot of fun had together!

We will be meeting at Fairview MB Church (455 Geneva St) at 7pm for our lady activities.  You don't need to bring anything special...other than your own special self.  We'll have a night of food, fun, and being together.

Have your rides ready to pick you up from your location at 10pm and remember that we are still collecting money for our special Christmas project...stockings for the youth from The Deck, so bring your contribution along!

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