Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Hey all, so good ol' Robert Klassen had some extra time on his hands and went to the trouble of whipping together a forum for our wonderful youth group. So, why not go on over there and use it for whatever purpose you would like to use it for. Hopefully it will be a nice dovetale to this wonderful blog spot.

I hope though that it will not curtail (take away) posts from this site...I really do wanna see your comments. Here's an idea, after a youth event comment on what you thought of it here!

Anyway, to get to the forum Robert made, just click on the word Forum (i.e. the heading of this post).



Rob said...

thanks tom

Charity said...

it doesnt work:(

Rob said...

yes it does,

It probably didnt work because I was doing administrator stuff, it makes the site 404'd for a while.